• World Blind Cricket Council

Hierarchy of World Blind Cricket (Ltd)


Executive Committee
(Tier One)



Syed Sultan Shah


Mr. Mahantesh G.K
Vacant (To be filled in Nov 14)

1st Vice  President
2nd  Vice  President

Mr. Raymond Moxly
Mr. Armand Bam
Mr. Rory Field
Mr. Geoff Smith

Secretary General
Technical Director
Global Development Director
Finance Director




(Tier two)



Vacant (To be filled in Nov 14)

Assistant Secretary

Mr. Nagesh S.P

Public Relations & Sponsorship Director

Mr. Pawan Ghimrie
Mr.  Armand Bam
Mr.  Rory Field
Vacant (To be filled in Nov 14)
Vacant (To be filled in Nov 14)

Regional Development Director  Asia
Regional Development Director Africa
Regional Development Director Europe
Regional Development Director Americas/W.I
Regional Development Director Oceania